At its initial stage it was agreed that the association develop proposals on advocacy and lobbying that would address the following areas of operation: 

  • Advocating for the protection and promotion of human rights of children and young people with disabilities in Malawi and beyond.
  • To lobby ratification and domestication of international instruments in line with the promotion of rights of people with disabilities in Malawi
  • To monitor progress regarding already signed local and international instruments in regards to disabilities
  • To lobby government and other stakeholders to take action on issues of disabilities
  • To capacitate children/young people with disabilities and their parents with information on cross – cutting issues i.e HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health, gender, human rights and others
  • Promote children and young people with disabilities to participate at different levels of society e.g political process, Business Management, training and education


It was agreed that the organization establish committee at district and national levels to enhance its activities. It was felt that the committees be represented by branch members who are elected after every 3 years. The roles of the committees are as follows:

  •    To coordinate activities at district and national level
  •    To work hand in hand with the secretariat on needs of members at different levels
  •    To provide information to the secretariat on activities at district level through monthly district reports, compiled from branch reports
  •    To represent the organization at local and national level
  •    To settle disputes at district and national level
  •    To help in resource mobilization at different levels of the structure


Through attending capacity building sessions the organization has acquired capacity in the following areas:

  •     Para legalism
  •     Human rights (Youth, children and women)
  •     Conflict resolution
  •     Environmental (global warming and climate change)
  •     HIV / AIDS  and Reproductive Health
  •     Gender issues (mainstreaming and baseline survey)
  •     Disability
  •     Project and NGO management
  •     Fundraising from corporate world
  •     Youth participation
  •     Monitoring and evaluation

The areas mentioned have been achieved through participation of the secretariat members in national and international training sessions, workshops, meetings and academic education


Children and Young people with disabilities in Malawi are underdeveloped due to a number of reasons, some of which are:

  •    High levels of poverty
  •    Scarcity of resources
  •    Lack of information on cross-cutting issues hence children and young people with disabilities don’t make informed choices
  •    High unemployment levels
  •    Structural imbalances
  •    Lack of formal and informal training and education for children and young people with disabilities
  •    Lack of promotional activities targeting children and young people with disabilities

PODCAM is mindful of the need to build a sense of solidarity among its members so that they are able to achieve its goals and objectives. The Centre also take pride in ensuring that members, that their work is important particularly when the social and political environment is not hospitable.